Quality Concept
Quality Concept Quality is the root of enterprise survival. Since the establishment of HZGWS, we have been customer-centric, adhering to the quality management concept of excellence and continuous improvement. Let our product pass rate reach 99.8%.
R&D Management
Innovation is the soul of an enterprise's survival. Based on market demand, HZGWS strives to produce the most competitive products in the market. Carry out sufficient technical review and demonstration at each stage, and implement strict reliability tests and third-party tests to improve the inherent reliability of the product quality of research and development.
R&D Experiment Certification
New products must be tested in the physical environment of a professional third-party laboratory before they are put on the market. Such as climate environment experiment, mechanical environment experiment, EMC experiment, radiation emission, surge, and electrostatic discharge can not be less. All new products must pass the tests of Spirent series TestCenter, Nustreams-600, and IXIA XM12 to ensure that the products can run at full line-speed traffic in various networking environments.
PCBA Processing
HZGWS has the advantages of fast quotation, fast production, and fast delivery. Standardized and reasonable PCB design, imposition, processing, and testing reduce our production costs. Our PCB design meets the requirements of technical standards such as producibility, testability, safety regulations, EMC, and EMI.
Product Production Inspection
Inspection and testing, strict screening, and strive to make every product into a high-quality product.
Warehouse Management
Strictly implement the 6s standard. Incoming materials, inspection application, warehousing, sending materials, returning materials, storage, and protection are strictly controlled at every step. Ensure that our production is efficient and operational.
a) Two neatly arranged: The materials are neatly arranged and the storage capacity is clean and tidy.
b) Three clear: The materials are clear, the quantity is clear, and the specifications are clear.
c) Four positioning: positioning by area, by row, by frame, by bit.
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