HZGWS Technologies Co., Ltd. was established in Huizhou, Guangdong (Brand: HZGWS). It is a manufacturer and supplier specializing in the production, research and development, and sales of optical fiber network communication equipment. We have a full range of PoE products such as PoE switches, Ethernet switches, industrial PoE switches, industrial switches, power adapters, industrial DIN rail power supplies, etc. Widely used in video surveillance, smart home, and Internet of Things industries. "Seiko quality, true core manufacturing" is our R&D and manufacturing tenet. We focus on technology R&D innovation and product quality, create an experienced and innovative R&D team, and strictly control product quality. "Continuous innovation, to provide communication products and services for the security industry" is our corporate vision. Our goal is to promote the development of the security communication network industry and create a better life for everyone together with our partners.
Corporate Strategy
Become the leading manufacturer of smart switches in China. Taking "security transmission technology innovation and modern manufacturing" as the internal driving force. Provide customers with high-quality, smart, convenient, efficient, and innovative transmission solutions.
Core Values
Seiko manufacturing, quality assurance!
Corporate Vision
Continue to innovate to provide communication products and services for the security industry!
Corporate Values
Innovation drives business opportunities and technology create value!
Corporate Mission
Let China's communication equipment be recognized by the world!
Manufacturing Center
We have a mature assembly line, adopt an inventory-based production model, and build a fully automated production line with a high degree of automated production to ensure rapid product delivery.
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